Emma and the Williams Farm at Bloomfield, 7 of 12

John Platt II and Mary Ann Williams
John Platt II and Mary Jane Williams

John Platt Williams II, the second son of Caleb and Gloranah Williams, attended the log school on the corner of the farm as well as the West Lake (Quaker) Boarding School as a day student. The boarding school was known for its exemplary education for both boys and girls. It’s quite likely that John’s interest in apples was encouraged by the close ties between the teachers at this school and others at its sister school, Nine Partners Boarding School, in Dutchess County, New York. (Quakers from what is now Ontario and New York State gathered together each summer. At such events farming information, tools, seeds and cuttings were often swapped.) John returned home at 19 to farm and help his father run their two mills located a mile apart on the creek. When the water was high he would often pole the distance in a dug-out canoe. Many years later he modernized Morgan’s Mill with auxiliary steam power for periods of low water. He added two looms for weaving blankets and carpets. John jumped right in on all the Industrial age had to offer!

It was on her trip to Morgan’s Mill when Emma Field first sees Vera Plank in distress.

John married Mary Jane Yarwood in January of 1853, but we all think of Mary Jane as Emma, right?

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