Emma Field – Book Three

Emma Field Book ThreeComing of age in the changing times of the mid-19th century.

In this final book of Carol Williams’s mid-19th century trilogy, something strong and certain is ignited in the young Emma Field as she accompanies a former slave to a new home in Canada and discovers the power of liberty, forgiveness and the ancestors. Guided by a mighty Irishman establishing a new life for former slaves in Canada, a steadfast Quaker reformer, and a wise and fiery matriarch of the displaced Seneca nation, Emma confronts her past and finds her way to a future filled with purpose and love.


Excerpt from Book III: “Emma no longer knew where her heart belonged. She once had, but now the certainty was gone, replaced by the same sort of loss that comes to every living beast in the coolness of autumn, when it knows that the warmth and light of summer are behind it. But for now, with nowhere for her heart to call home, Emma did know where she needed to be and that was right there on the shoreline of Lake Ontario where the raw, late autumn wind had stripped the very last of the leaves from the trees. She had taken the next lake steamer from Picton back to Kingston, hoping that Jessabelle-Rose, the fugitive girl whose spark had been consumed by typhus, might still be clinging to life in the immigrant sheds where Emma had so hastily left her.”


 “It is nice someone has written some positive material about our people. I believe it is greatly needed.” Cindy, Six Nations of the Grand River.

“There is so much in these books. There is wisdom, history, suspense and so much more.” Dianne Janes


Notes on Book Three: Most of the places and many of the events and people in this book were real. For Companion Notes, go to: Notes on Book III (pdf file)